“Nerton Investments” staff are highly qualified with decades of experience in large international financial institutions. They are capable of offering the most innovative and comprehensive ideas and solutions in all market conditions thus serving the evolving needs of clients.They have access to an in-depth industry knowledge, local market acumen, product creativity and execution expertise.



- Samuel Higgins

Managing Director



Samuel Higgins has over 30 years experience as a private consultant to businesses, NGO’s, Governments and Royal Families in the Middle East North Africa region.


Technology transfer expert for clients including militaries, governments and private investors bringing many breakthroughs to markets and expanding global cooperation between scientist, universities and business operators



- Mona Qamar

Public Relations Director



Mona has over 15 years of media and public relations experience in the Middle East -North Africa (MENA) region.


Working with private clients, family offices and HNW (High Net Worth) individual offices has provided her with exceptional experience with many cultures and unique



Mona tailors custom strategies using online technology and human contact for communication, project marketing and investment opportunities. Nerton is pleased to have Mona providing clients with strategic communications and public relations advice and counsel to senior executives in large public and private sector organizations.